Kalabindu helping Artist Irrespective of their field to achieve their fullest creative Potential, Career and Financial Goals is our Mission.

We Serve Artist from across the Globe, from beginners to Advanced, in all Styles and Mediums. Let's take your artistic fever to the next level! As your Career Consultant and Coach We know how to evaluate your Strengths and Unique Attributes as an Artist in depth Knowledge of the Art Business.
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Kalabindu is unique in the broad range and quality of services that are designed and delivered with individual visual artists, artists’ collectives, and visual arts organisations in mind. Kalabindu is a truly egalitarian organisation as we offer our services to both member and non-member alike across India . Our internal policies dictate that we deliver not only in metropolitan centres, but also we bring our services to local areas for visual artists who are not in a position to travel. It is this openness to listening to the everyday needs and strategic needs of visual artists that informs every service that we deliver.


Class 4 to 7
20 days classes

Class 10 to Professionals
50 days classes

Class 8 to 12
30 days classes

Professional Artist
100 days classes

Artist Mambership Registeration

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आदिकाल की चित्रकला
Sanu Verma

Art of the Indus Valley Civilization

सिन्धु घाटी सभ्यता की कला (3,500 ई.पू. से 2,500 ई.पू.) भारतवर्ष में ईसा से 4,000 वर्ष पूर्व से लेकर ईसा से 3,000 वर्ष ई. पूर्व के मध्य चीन से लेकर

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Sanu Verma

कला अध्ययन का स्त्रोत

कला अध्ययन के स्रोत का अभिप्राय उन साधनों से हैं, जो प्राचीन कला के इतिहास को जानने में सहायक हों। भारतीय चित्रकला के अध्ययन स्त्रोत निम्न श्रेणियों में विभक्त किये

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Sanu Verma

भारतीय चित्रकला की विशेषताएं

यह सर्वविदित है कि भारतीय चित्रकला एवं अन्य कलाएँ दूसरे देशों की कलाओं से भिन्न हैं और भारतीय कलाओं की कुछ ऐसी महत्त्वपूर्ण विशेषताएँ हैं, जो अन्य देशों की कला

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